Neuramatix Distinguished Lecture Series
19 March 2013
Ballroom A, Level 6,
Hilton Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

1.00 pm Registration and Arrival of Guests
Applications of NeuraBASE: Poster Presentation and Demo
2.00 pm Arrival of VIPs
2.15 pm Welcoming Address
Munirah Hamid
Founder and Managing Director
Neuramatix Sdn Bhd
2.20 pm Opening Speech
Ng Wan Peng
Chief Operating Officer
Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn Bhd
2.35 pm Presentation
Retinal Metaphors for Artificial Neural Networks
Tomas Maul
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science
University of Nottingham
3.15pm Presentation
What Can We Learn from the Brain's Architecture?
Robert Hercus
Founder and Director
Neuramatix Sdn Bhd
3.45 pm Keynote Lecture
Embodied Cognition - How Real Brains Learn
Rita Carter
Author, lecturer and broadcaster on brain science
4.45 pm Q & A
5.00 pm Refreshments & Networking