The pursuit of intelligence in computer systems and devices is one of the penultimate goals of the information age. Recent announcements by the US and Swiss governments show renewed efforts to invest financial and intellectual resources at an unprecedented scale in neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

This month, President Obama proposed US$3 billion over the next decade for the Brain Activity Map (BAM) Project that seeks to do for the brain what the Human Genome Project did for genetics. Last year, the Swiss Government announced the allocation of €1 billion to develop a computer simulation of the brain.

Underlying the massive global efforts in neuroscience is the underlying belief that the human brain, with all of its memories and processes, is basically a machine that stores and recalls patterns. When the structure and connections of these patterns are understood, they can be replicated to enable the development of intelligent systems and devices.

In line with this, the Neuramatix Distinguished Lecture Series brings eminent international scientists and notable speakers to the local community as part of our endeavour to connect technologists and neuroscientists in order to bring about advances in artificial intelligence in Malaysia.

This free lecture series is organised by Neuramatix, in support of Digital Malaysia, a unique programme by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), that leverages on new and existing initiatives to drive Malaysia towards a digital economy.